PYFF: Streamlining Shared Expenses | Always Pay Your Friends First

PYFF - Streamlining Shared Expenses

Are you planning a bachelorette party? Girls trip? Monthly poker night? A gift for boss’ day? And you are wondering how to best organize the pay conditions for all participating in the one-time or ongoing activity while also keeping track of who’s paid and who still owes. Or have you ever been in that uncomfortable dining experience with a group of friends when as the jovial atmosphere of the meal begins to wind down there comes the moment when the conversation subtly shifts to the task of settling the bill and there’s always one or two people who are conspicuously either absent or not willing to pay their portion of the bill? That is a common occurrence. In a recent New York Times study two-thirds of diners do not split checks evenly.  Today, there is a groundbreaking new app that will assist you in navigating all of those situations in a transparent, accountable, and organized manner. Introducing the PYFF app. 

We Are “PYFF”

The innovative PYFF app, which stands for Pay Your Friends First,  is your platform to make sure that shared bills whether it is for a special event such as a birthday dinner for a friend or a one-time group event such as a ski trip or an ongoing activity such as a book club or bowling night are in order and that everyone is paying their fair share. PYFF  is easy to use. The event administrator simply creates an event and invites those who are invited or wish to participate. Upon acceptance of the invite, the organizer requests a specific dollar amount for each person or sends them a request of how much they owe.

PYFF: The Ultimate Tool for Organizing & Splitting Bills

Each activity or project will have a chat group function establishing who the organizers are as well as the requirements and ground rules for the specific task. Additionally with PYFF you can schedule and track recurring events, receipts, and payments. Uniquely, on PYFF you have the option to post receipts for all to see indicating who’s paid and who still owes as well as reminders. Each member can also upload receipts and attach them to each participant.

PYFF: The Ultimate Tool for Organizing and Splitting Bills
A Smarter Way to Split Expenses

A Smarter Way to Split Expenses

PYFF ensures that everyone knows what they owe, tracks who has paid, and who still needs to settle their dues, thereby eliminating financial confusion and ensuring that your gatherings remain joyous and stress-free.

Optimizing Financial Management for Events & Activities

PYFF is the brainchild of Kim Beinborn who has worked in the technology sector for many years. She states, “I created PYFF because I want to make people’s lives more organized and transparent when it comes to events and activities that require a financial commitment. PYFF accomplishes that criterion comfortably.”  Download PYFF today on IOS or Android because we all have that one friend. 

Optimizing Financial Management for Events and Activities

App Features

PYFF: Streamlining Shared Expenses | Always Pay Your Friends First
  • Event Creation and Invitation:

    PYFF allows users to effortlessly create events and invite participants. Whether it's a birthday dinner, a ski trip, or a book club meeting, organizers can easily set up events and send invitations to those involved.

  • Transparent Payment Requests:

    Once participants accept the invite, organizers can request specific dollar amounts from each individual or send a request indicating how much they owe. PYFF ensures transparency in financial transactions, making it clear who has paid and who still owes.

  • Receipts and Reminders:

    PYFF allows users to post receipts for all participants to view, providing a clear



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You can download this app via Apple’s App Store for your iOS device and Google Play Store for your Android device. Simply click on the links at the top or bottom of the page to download.

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